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Glenville Ashby, PhD

Glenville Ashby PROFILE PICGlenville Ashby was born in Trinidad. He is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, The London School of Journalism, The College of Media and Publishing, Euclid University, and the International Society for Applied Psychoanalysis.

He also studied at The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, The Pontificia Accademia Pro Vita, Vatican City, Rome, and St. Gall's Seminary in Switzerland.

He is a member of Oxford University Philosophy Society, the South Asian Journalist Association, the Canadian Bioethics Society and the American Society for Psychical Research.

He received his doctoral degree in Interreligious Dialogue and Diplomacy.

Pic for Home PageDr Ashby has authored five books, including the critically acclaimed, The Believers: The Hidden World of West Indian Spiritualism in New York, and the award-winning Anam Cara: Your Soul Friend and Bridge to Enlightenment and Creativity, and The Mystical Qigong Handbook for Good Health.

In Trinidad, Dr Ashby served as an educator. As a resident of New York City, he was the correspondent for the Guardian Media Limited. Today, he is a columnist and critic at the Gleaner Company. He also contributes articles to UWI Press and Kaieteur News in Guyana and has written for San Francisco Review of Books.

He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and is a certified qigong therapist. He is one of two certified Pangu Shengong teachers in New York State. The certification was awarded by the Pangu Shengong International Research Institute in China.

PIC TO BE INCLUDED ON SITEDr Ashby teaches qigong at Harlem Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation and has owned a wellness business in New York for more than two decades He has conducted workshops on Qigong and Wellness in the US and the Caribbean.

Dr Ashby has been awarded a citation for the New York State Assembly for his contribution to culture and was the 2017 IMD award recipient for his contribution to  Arts and Culture.

In 2012, he received an award from Plessey Academic in the UK for his contribution to Philosophy.

2018-05-24 11 11 54His distance learning course: Qigong and Psychoanalysis: A Course in Personal Development has been endorsed by the Australian –based Qigong Chinese Health.

Dr Ashby has served honorably in the United States military (1994-98), and was the president of Global Interfaith Council, Inc.

His latest book, The Search for Truth: Selected Writings in Spiritual Psychology has been called one of the most important books in its genre.

Dr Glenville Ashby can reached at:

For addition information log on to: www.glenvillewellness.com and www.glenvilleashbyjournal.com

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