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Latest News

Conflict of Identity: FROM THE SLAVE TRADE TO PRESENT DAY - One Man's Healing in Benin, Africa

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In Search of Truth: A Course in Spiritual Psychology

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Award-winning book, Anam Cara: Your Soul Friend and Bridge to Enlightenment and Creativity

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The Mystical Qigong Handbook Trailer

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Media Congratulations on Winning Award

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Glenville Ashby Interview

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Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard and guest Dr. Glenville Ashby

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Wellness Services


Through individual classes, small group packages, and workshops the ancient healing art of Qigong is taught in an easy-to-follow fashion. Classes are tailored to the specific health concerns of clients. Good posture, stretching, breathing techniques and classical qigong movements are taught to enhance overall wellness.  Illustrations and readings are given after every class.


Intuitive Counseling is a process through which clients become aware of the underlying forces that spur them to act. Sometimes these actions are positive, sometimes they are not. Clients are taught how to trust and benefit from the wisdom of the inner voice as they face daily challenges.

Intuitive counseling is a part of mediumship and has been used by mystics throughout history to empower themselves and those who seek their counsel. Intuitive Counseling is therapeutic and inspiring.


Writing is one way of accessing the unconscious self. The unconscious self is the reservoir of energy and impulses – creative and destructive that makes up the unique you.  Artistry, inventions and innovations are rooted in this cavity of consciousness. What if we can access this treasure trove of ideas through writing?

Literary expression is highly personal.

In the Bold Course, the individual is guided into writing freely, spontaneously, uninhibited, even automatically. What emerge are glimpses of a larger picture – that of hidden talents, aspirations and hope, oftentimes smothered by unsupportive environmental conditions.

The Bold Course unlocks hidden potential and affords clients the opportunity to develop creatively in a supportive environment.


  • Literacy Criticism
  • Ghost Writing
  • Editing